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Smart Protect

Protect your home and family

  • Wireless technology
  • 7 point of security equipment
  • 24 / 7 monitoring and support
  • Remote access and mobile app
  • Custom event notifications
  • Yard sign
  • Customizable equipment

Stay connected with your home

  • includes Smart Protect
  • 8 points if security equipment
  • The choice of any two automation devices:
    • Automatic door looks
    • Programmable thermostat
    • Indoor camera
    • Doorbell camera
    • Garage door controller
    • Outdoor Camera

Everything in one simple package

  • includes Smart Protect & Control+
  • 9 points of security equipment
  • Space Monkey data storage:
    • Local copy + cloud backup
    • 1 TB of storage space
    • Fully encrypted
    • IOS, Android, Mac & Windows compatible
    • Remote Access


Photo of Grandma

Monitoring For Mom

Solutions that can keep an elderly parent in their own home. Panic Pendent that can call for help when you are not around. Get a Text Alert if your love-one opens the medicine cabinet.

Office Automation

Home Office Automation

Be able to tell who's at the door immediately and conveniently without requiring a trip to the front window. Answer your front door from your office or on the road with the vivint doorbell camera..

Rental Properties Solution

Property Management

Don't Have your key to your summer home floating around past tenants, workers, cleaning ladies, neighbors and old friends. Let renters have time set access to your property. Record Months of videos on secured and easy accessible Space Monkey cloud storage system.


Home Automation Products

Smart Home Security Products